Written by Brian Ebersole, Monday 14th May 2012
Fight preparation – Ebersole style


Brian Ebersole

Current Training Location:

Illinois USA

Competition Countdown:

4 training weeks + fight week = June 22 Competition



Work toward peak fitness

Find comfort/confidence within each range of combat.

Remain Healthy through intense workload(s)

Help training partners to remain healthy

Eat less, and eat more often

Stretch More



Last week, I made mention of three or four dialects of the English language.  And in the week since, I’ve had training partner Ben Stark speaking in the same manner.  From Arnold Swarzzaneggar to Borat and many accents in between, it’s been an interesting week of entertainment from the ATT-trained BJJ Brown-Belt and recent Tiger Muay Thai guest.  Just like is grappling game, I never know what he’s going to throw out there.


Mr. Stark holds the same rank in BJJ as my upcoming opponent, TJ Waldburger, and provides a stern test during each grappling session.  He, along with a handful of Illinois wrestlers, including former Eastern Illinois Panther Kyle Bracey, provide for excellent work in both the clinch and ground-fighting ranges.  And I’ve taken a bit of training time to concentrate on hitting things (and people too).  Maybe that’ll pay off come fight day…..


Many goals to accomplish between tomorrow and Saturday, I must rest up.


Goodnight, I bid you, from my chilly Illinois abode.




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