Written by Brian Ebersole, Wednesday 9th May 2012
Gettin’ swoll in the US of A

5 weeks to go…


Y’all don’t done know who I’m is?  Dat’s iight, fer I’m here to informs you.  I be writing, fer yours readin’ pleasure.  Wanna come on a journey that I be leading?  I’ll takes ya all the way through Fight Night (June 22), lettin’ y’all know how I be doin’, what I be doin’, and maybe even why I be’s doin’ it.


Can you tell I’ve been back in Illinois?  Sorry guys, my dialect changes drastically depending on my geographic location.  It’s all “hey mate, goin’ right”, when I’m in Australia.  A little bit of “Saw-a-dee-kup” and “Sabai sabai”, whence in Thailand.  And then I come to Illinois and for some reason, I drift to the more southern-style tonality of the hometown chatter.


Anyway, I’ve just departed Thailand and arrived in Illinois.  5 weeks of training left to go, and plus the one week of media and weight management — I find myself ready to sprint through the proverbial finish-line of this training camp.


Sitting in my hometown on a quiet Sunday, I’ve already had my training session and am looking to turn off and be passively entertained.  The Chicago Bulls Playoff Game, and two college friends, should provide an opportunity to do just that.


Consider this short blog a bit of a teaser for what’s to come.  It’s my first one as a member of the Tiger Muay Thai staff, and I’ll be writing plenty more.  I’ll be writing, weekly, and throwing out some information and insights from my life as a mixed martial arts coach and competitor, not to mention “gypsy traveller”.


Good Sunday to you all.  Here’s to the impeding victory of the Chicago Bulls!  Cheers y’all……


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