Written by Claire Haigh, Sunday 30th Oct 2011

Yup, so it’s been ages since my last post, much to poor Ray’s frustration but I have got my act together again and have also retrieved my login details and password from Andreas (why it CAN’T be my name and then the name of my pet as the password I really don’t know. Then I’d remember it…) so here we go.

The last few months have been mainly spent going to some bad ass weddings in England (in a castle!!!) and Luxembourg but I have now been back at Tiger for about eight weeks and have just fought in China.

The promotion was good and we well taken care of but frankly the decisions were pretty farcical. My opponent got knocked down a couple of times, hit a bunch and looked at by the doctor in the second round. The fight never went to the third round and yet it was called a draw…still, I got to fight which is why I went and I also got paid so I supose the two main issues have been covered. During our rehearsal for the walk-outs, the Chinese corner was introduced as ” And here come the heros from China!” so I guess the writing was on the wall…Anyway, had fun and now I am trying to find a way to spend my earnings in Bangkok. Any suggestions?

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