Written by Claire Haigh, Saturday 4th Jun 2011
Stop thief!

Goi and I spent most of last week looking for our cameras that seemed to have been misplaced somewhere in the house along with, apparently, an old mobile phone of his. Our house is pretty small and we don’t have much stuff so it was pretty frustrating not to find them and then, curiouser and curiouser, my mouth guard was found lying around outside near my empty training bag. Very strange. Even allowing for Goi’s erratic behaviour after a few bottles of Leo, this was odd.

The arrival of one of my favourite people and training partners, Brian Robertson, put the incident out of our minds until Friday night. At about 4 AM, Goi got up for a pee and moments later there was a crash of running feet. At first i thought that he had been taken out by our homemade hamster pen in the dark but he raced out of the house shouting and I got to the door just in time to see someone drive off on a scooter. Mystery solved- someone has been getting into our house and stealing stuff. Luckily for the thief, Goi’s shouts (intended to warn the jet lagged and comatose Brian who totally failed to get up in time to help) scared him off before we could catch, scalp and disembowel him. Luckily for Brian, the thief dropped Brian’s bag and passport in his haste to get away from an incensed, half-dressed Lumpinee champion. We have been checking number plates on bikes that are of the same make in the hopes of finding the bastard but so far, no luck.

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