Written by Claire Haigh, Friday 8th Jul 2011
WPMF in Bali

I have decided that I like Bali. Granted, I have only seen a few stretches of road as i plod around making weight in my canvas suit and the inside of my hotel room but so far I like it. It’s sort of like Phuket, but although the same tat is for sale in the beach front shops here, no one is actually forcing me to buy it. Also, although again i shall have to investigate more thoroughly when I can go out and drink on Saturday night, there are no vicious little Thai ladies in underpants trying to cajole anything with a pulse and a wallet off the streets. It’s kind of refreshing…Don’t get me wrong, I know the reasons for the existence of something like Patong and I know that it’s continued existence is because of demand but it’s sort of nice to come away and not feel like I am a sardine in a bait ball. Bali still needs to be investigated more thoroughly, though…

Roll on weigh-ins. I have trained so hard for this fight, I can’t wait to eat up, drink up and put ‘em up.

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