Claire "Bear" Haigh

Claire Haigh is a 3x World Muay Thai Champion and a Martial Combat ESPN STAR Sports veteran.

Having fought for the largest Muay Thai events in the world, Claire ‘”Bear” is now attempting to successfully add MMA to her impressive resume of accomplishments.

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Saturday 4th Jun 2011
Stop thief!

Goi and I spent most of last week looking for our cameras that seemed to have been misplaced somewhere in the house along with, apparently, an old mobile phone of his. Our house is pretty small and we don't have much stuff so it was pretty frustrating not to find them and then, curiouser and...

Monday 30th May 2011
Pinkeye, and how to prevent it!

There is a nasty bit of pink eye going round the camp at the moment; more specifically, a nasty bit of pink eye has infested the fighters ring for which, rightly or wrongly I am holding Steve responsible. Afterall, the last time he was here there was a mini pink eye epidemic and now, two years...