Jesper Freyschuss

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt under Professor Ray Elbe on his hunt for a purple!

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Thursday 10th May 2012
Pan Asians here we go!

Finally time for the Pan Asians! Wanna thank all of the people that have supported TMT's BJJ Team and helped us raise money so we could go to the Philippines! We would have never made it without you! We are not gonna make you disappointed! Was originally gonna write a little longer blog post but...

Friday 4th May 2012
Raffle Raffle!

About one week left until TMT's BJJ Team are heading to the Philippines and the Pan Asians to collect some body parts! The trip isnt the cheapeast so we have been trying to earn some money to help us out. Last Sunday we washed scooter for a small fee, got surprising results money wise! Wanna thank...

Sunday 29th Apr 2012
Come get your scooter washed for free! (Almost)

Ok I lied it's not for free! But come down to Tiger today at 2pm and get your scooter washed! Only 100 baht! Cheap cheap! Money will go to tmt's BJJ team that are going to the Philippines and the Pan Asians! Spread the word pretty please! :) In less important news! BBQ Beatdown 47! Was a good...

Monday 23rd Apr 2012
Shout out!

Just wanna do a quick shout out to my buddies at my gym back home! Had 4 people fighting in the Swedish Shootfighting League last Saturday, and with great success! They went home with 4 victories, all by armbars! Pretty sweet, they are now known as "The arm collectors". Feels good to know that...

Saturday 21st Apr 2012
Sugar Crash!

Thinking of competing in the Pan Asians next month in the Philippines. The comp is in GI and NoGI. (For any Muay Thai folk that might be reading, GI is the pyjamas people wear in BJJ ^^) Been on a test diet this week to see if I can make the lowest weight class which was 61.5kgs started at 66kg...

Wednesday 18th Apr 2012
Jeff Glover seminar!

Time to post another blog entry! Attented to the Jeff Glover seminar yesterday at Tiger! It was easily the most astounding seminar I've ever been to! I would have been fine with just sitting there for two hours watching Jeff do sick moves! He showed so many moves so I couldnt keep track of them...