Wiktor Svensson

Wiktor Svensson of Sweden is a BJJ Purple Belt under Professor Elbe.

Having competed professionally in MMA and Muay Thai, Wiktor is quickly establishing himself as one of the top Welterweights competing in MMA representing the country of Sweden.

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Wednesday 24th Aug 2011
black eye

thanks JJ for getting it bigger haha had a good sparring with jj today afternoon, i never get black eyes but damn well well he hits pretty hard for being a wrestler hahaha! 4 weeks left am getting in better shape everyday that comes! but i have to say rice,tuna,egg and broccoli is pretty boring 5...

Sunday 7th Aug 2011

woah..been training muaythai in the morning then mma efternoons, the muaythai is killing me but am loosing weight and fast! went to eat some seafood today, only have sundays off to eat what i want! but still i miss my trips in the night with jeremy to mcdonalds for some icecream before...

Monday 1st Aug 2011
BBQ Beatdown

Good fights, was around 10 muaythai fight and 2 MMA fight! but the best fight like everyone saying all the time is the MMA fight! Shinguard,10oz mma gloves no knees to the head or elbow.. we had two fights first fight was Ali the iranian boxer vs a black belt judo Aussie forget the name but...

Tuesday 26th Jul 2011

Started the day with 4km jogging ended with 50meter run everything I have 10 times, it felt okay, but the shin hurt now hehe MMA in the afternoon, wander into two new ones that were from Holland, well i know guys from holland is fucking deadly standing up but it went okej then i finished of with...

Sunday 10th Jul 2011
Finska disko-dansare rockar!

Not done too much this weekend, i lifted weights on Friday and Saturday, really nice has not liften weights safely three months is that I lay upon me lot of muscle haha weighed 5 years ago around 110kg lifted weights every day! but nice not having to be so big but hell never found any...

Sunday 3rd Jul 2011

Was in Bangkok a round last week and was acting coach Ngoo and Milkman that fight was based on the Dare, ended with a win and a loss really good show impressed how they did the show I think the show will go really well in the future! Feels else that whole weekend was rained off! tomorrow,...