Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Monday 12th Dec 2011
Scotland in the house

Tonight Scotland is going to take over as me and fellow TMT fighter Jimmy are fighting at Patong Stadium, that being said no doubt we will be repping Australia (as usual on the posters) and with it being the start of the high season will be expecting a large Aussie crowd AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!!!

Have had my mum over on holiday so have not trained as much for this fight as I was hoping to but it’s been under 2wks since my last fight so still be in good shape and ready for battle. With my mum being her I have spent time going trips and showing her why I call it paradise and don’t want to be going home. I have convinced my mum to come along to watch the fight but I have a feeling she will spend most of the time looking through her fingers ;)

Want to give a shout to one of my trainers Lamsongkram as it is his birthday today :)

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