Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Friday 7th Dec 2012
David vs Goliath

Time to start the ye olde blog again! I just realized that I actually never did a blog update after the Pan Asians, and that it has been 500 years since the my last post. One of the reasons I fell of the blog wagon is that I messed up my neck after the Pan Asians, it’s an old injury I’ve had on and off for a couple of years. There are some nerves that gets pinched in the neck and it the pain goes out all the way to my fingers losing a lot of strength because of it. So I was off all training for a month.

Unfortunately, pretty much straight after I was back after my neck injury I injured my shoulder. I’m just the luckiest guy! ^^

Anyways! For those you don’t know I placed third in the Pan Asians in the no-GI division, lost in the semis to the guy who won the gold. Lost by like 1 or 2 points. I was soooo close to mount him during the match as well. He caught my foot on the way up so I didnt get the points. Still 7 months later makes me think “what if”.

Havnt been doing any competitions after the Pan Asians because of the shoulder, been really off my game and really unmotivated. But now  my shoulder is getting better and I’m slowly getting the fire back!  Been practicing my Kamehameha a lot tho so people better watch out!


And Tomorrow is an exciting day! It’s the Swedish championship in Shootfighting (It’s like MMA but no stikes on the ground), last year both me and my brother fought for the 3rd place and we both won. This year we have 3 guys up fighting for the medals. My brother is fighting again, but this time for the gold! woop woop! Unfortunately I’m not coaching him this time so I have to yell my lungs out from the audience! And we have two more guys fighting, they are actually brothers too. We are one big family at our gym! ^^  Dan and Elias Kardell. Elias is fighting for the gold as well and Dan for the bronze. All three are up against guys from Gladius MMA I think they are either the biggest or the second biggest gym in Sweden. They are probably 10 times bigger than our small hillbilly gym! :P So it’s really David vs Goliath in terms of  gym size! And later that night Alexander Gustafsson is fighting Shogun! I dont know if my weak heart can handle all this stress! Ahhhhh!

My brothers (Green shorts) first MMA fight ever, was when we visited Tiger in 2010. Good old times!

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