Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Friday 11th Jan 2013
Good to be back!

Time for another post! Been a while since the last one. Been a bit busy preparing for my trip. For those who actually read this know that in early december we had three guys from my home gym fighting for medals in the Swedish Championship in Shootfighting! We ended up with a bronze and 2 silver. No gold this time around but im still super proud of all the guys!

Been back in Thailand for 2 days now, had a little bit of trouble with accomodation at first but its all fixed!  Managed to bust out a evening Jitsu session yesterday and today I did the hat-trick and did Jitsu, Crossfit, Jitsu! My previous visits ive had to “get used to the heat” before I could do multiple sessions a day. But it looks like im already used to it ^^  eventhough its about a 30-35 degrees temperature difference from back home. Snow can S my D! Anyways, it feels really good to be back but it  feels so weird. When you are back home it barely feels that you’ve been in Thailand and when you are here it barely feels like you been back home, and this time around there are a lot of familiar faces from previous years its pretty crazy!

We’ll see if I manage to get out of bed tomorrow, The crossfit chipper killed my legs! :E   But im aiming for a saturday session as well. Boom!

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