Written by Jimmy Irvine Allan, Friday 18th Nov 2011
Getting Back Into It.

So I’ve been back in Thailand for 3 weeks. And I think I’m only just starting to get used to the time difference never mind the change in Climate, Diet, language, currency, and of course the absolute Beasting you get in the ring every day, morning and afternoon by the Thai trainers. But please don’t think for a second I’m complaining though coz I’m certainly not. Training and everything else is Bloody great.

The fighters training area has got some amazing Trainers & Talent there right now with Pairote Wor Waraphol a.k.a Koi mostly leading the training, is 1 of a handful of 4 time Lumpinee stadium champions in 4 different weight divisions. Then there’s NongtaChai Sit-O who has held 3 different titles including Lumpinee, Ratchadamneon, and WMC. Then there’s Langsomkram Chuwattana current Ratchadamneon stadium champion S1 & WMC Champion in the past also. Then there is his trainer always walking around watching and correcting our technique like the Master. This guy is a silent Beast with strength like a bear, he throws you around like a little boy when clinching with him and keeps saying in Thai “knee me, no problem” whilst smiling at you. But for sure the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And then there’s his younger brother Laimangkon Chuwattana and Sanhamuen a.k.a Done these guys are young and crazy fun always joking and laughing. Between the 5 of them they have accumulated well over 1000 fights!! Believe or not is so true! Just now it can be either Done, Langsomkram, or Nongtachai who hold the pads for me, all being so good in there own ways and having slightly different styles I can learn so much from them all.

It’s taken a few weeks to get back at it twice a day and still I’ve been taking the occasional morning, afternoon or whole day of to aid recovery. For the first week I only ran in the mornings then eat, relax and do the afternoon session, sometimes after the morning run adding in some bodyweight conditioning exercises. Pull ups, push ups, sit ups etc. Even with this I wake up everyday completely soar from head to toe. With new bruises and scratches appearing everyday, from all the Sparring, Padwork, Bagwork, Clinching and Thai style conditioning drills we do in every session. Fatigued Muscles follow every session, and usually if I’m not hydrated completely I get some nice cramp in allot of places I never knew you could!

This week I’ve noticed the biggest difference and change in my power and energy levels so it’s defiantly coming back. If it was up to the Trainers I would have already have had a few fights and have a few more lined up, but I’ve managed to persuade them to give me until the 12th of December so it’s been a gruelling week of running, sprinting, body weight exercises and both sessions of Muay Thai everyday apart from this morning where I concentrated on hill sprints with a tyre. Almost time to relax for the weekend apart from morning session on Saturday and the trainers are wanting another trainer vs student football game for cash! So is going to be pretty serious. Hopefully not lose then hit the beach!!

Thanks to Nurition X, I’ve started using there Hydra 10 supplement and even here in Thailand training in temperatures of 30′-35′ it stopped the cramps I was getting and makes me feel so much more rehydrated when I wake and before sessions. Also MRM Maximum Recovery straight after a gruelling 150minute workout of Sparring, padwork, bagwork, clinching, and punching, elbowing, kneeing, kicking and conditioning drills it helps allot with a 3 to 1 ratio of high glycaemic carbohydrates and fast absorbing proteins to get straight into my system and help to reduce recovery time and prevent catabolism. Check out www.nutrionx.co.uk for more supplements and helpful info.

Cheers Jimmy

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