Written by Matt Merria, Thursday 17th Nov 2011

Think its about time to write something before my account gets deleted ;)

Trainings been going great, I finally feel fully recovered from my motorbike accident. I’ve been doing all the conditioning exercises and leg workouts that really suck and Tiger Gym has some seriously!! talented trainers right now that I’ve been working with… Lamsongkram and Laimangkon Chuwattana, Nontachai Sit-O, and Kongdate Rattanachote to name a few.

In my almost 3 years of training in Thailand these are by far the most talented ( and most scary ) trainers/fighters I’ve ever had the privilege to work with…

To mix things up I went to a nice waterfall ( Bang Pae ) with a few training buddies…














Thats DJ MGA! +_+ ( Miami Pun ) come check out DUBSTEP this Saturday at sugar beach bar in Rawai

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