Written by Matt Merria, Tuesday 5th Jul 2011
Road to Recovery

today is a good day, i got out of bed and it didn’t hurt to walk lol… as some of you may know i was in a motorbike accident. I haven’t talked to anyone since it happened, so instead of telling the same story 200x I’ll explain it here.
a little over 2 weeks ago in patong i crashed my bike. instead of staying there and waiting for an ambulance ( the smart thing to do ) i got back on my broken bike with a flat tire, bent front rim, and crooked handle bar ( i had to hold it in the turn left position to go straight lol ). it took about 40 minutes to get home and i was bleeding from head to toe, literally. after getting back to my house it only took about 1 minute of me walking around bleeding for it to look like a murder crime scene…finally i said fuck it and went to the hospital, where they ended up keeping me for 10 days in total… I’m still confused how patong could mess me up, i lived in pattaya for 1 year without a scratch!!??

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