Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Monday 12th Mar 2012
Another hospital visit…BLAH

About a month a ago now i was having back to back fights every week doing 3 in a row(cus thats how we do in thailand! G STATUS DONT BE HATIN) I had taken a knee to the sternum while throwing the infamous right hand, Songkram which knocked the wind outta me and almost passed out in the ring. Thinking all was good wasnt feeling any problems at all i had taken my next fight against a lesser opponent that i should have dismantled with ease is able to take a win off of me by tapping me in the chest with the softest of attacks ever and i fall to the ground n do pass out from not being able to breath or take anymore pain.

SOOOOOOO i have been out of training for the last few weeks now and this pain has not gone away…if i sneeze, stretch, breath deeply, or lay on the wrong side it hurts like craaaaaaazy. :( So i took my self to Phuket International to find out what the problem is and they have me go in and take ONE xray to see wut the problem is. I know for sure i told the Doctor that i am sure there is something wrong with my sternum and/or my solar plexus and yet she just wants to take ONE xray… after this i she wasnt able to see anything but wanted to immediately start me on physiotherapy and pain meds… IF THERE AINT NOTHING WRONG WITH ME Y AM I IN SUCH PAIN FOR A MONTH ALREADY?! *Sigh*

The Doctor then says “I dont see anything wrong with your chest but maybe you should get your back checked out by someone. Your spine looks in bad shape and you mus have pain.”

this chest pain isnt good at all and i am hating not being able to train I need a gazillion more opinions about it cus something is DEFINITELY wrong in there. ANYONE HAVE ANY THOUGHTS?!?!

Thanks to the doctor though for pointing out that my spine is jacked up. After playing contact sports and sitting in front of monitors doing work n playing games im really not surprised that my back looks the way it does. After i get rid of this chest pain i will definitely go and check out Phuket Chiropractic which is like a 5 minute drive from me ;P

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