Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Monday 16th Jan 2012
New sponsor…and GANGSTA GRILZ!

As many of you guys know i have been struggling with a gag reflex problem for the last 6 months or so. I noticed that this started happening in fights after i had lost my old double mouthguard that i had for about 3 years.

So picked up a crappy single which i didnt mind… until getting rocked in the jaw while sparring  on the 1st day of use!  So i had to get a replacement and the replacement was a Shockdoctors Double Fight Nano which DID NOT have good air flow for a double.  Also wasnt able to swallow my saliva or spit it out due to the bad venting which would cause me to gag or throw up in the ring during fights.

NOW I am 100% sick of this gagging problem and taking actions to get rid of it! After 4 losses due to the gag reflex KOMBAT MOUTHGUARDS has taken me under their wing and hooked me up with an ELITE mouthguard which a custom fitted double to protect my grill and keep my jaw locked in place.

I NEEEVVERR thought it was really necessary to get a custom mouth guard that would cost over 100US… I WAS 1,000,ooo,000% wrong about that!!! I pushed my self for 3 hard hours of sparring, clinching and pads and never gagged or had to take out my mouthguard once! I had no problems breathing during or in between rounds! IT WAS AAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEE!!!!

We still have one BIG test and that will be for me to fight in the ring with my new mouthguard where I will be fighting a guy trying to knock my head off BUT ALSO FIGHTING MY OWN NERVES.

BIG thanks to Owen Barrett from KOMBAT MOUTHGUARDS for supplying me with my new piece and for backing me as I do my best to make some waves in the world of Combat Sports! check them out at http://www.kombatmouthguards.com/


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