Written by Jonny Betts, Tuesday 27th Nov 2012
Another big fight for Talayhod (Nong) at Rajadamnern on Thursday

Talayhod TigerMuayThai (better known at the camp as Nong) left for Bangkok this afternoon for his next fight at Rajadamnern stadium on Thursday. Nong is on a nice winning streak, and in the most recent rankings is ranked number 6 in the 105 pound division at Rajadamnern. Last month he won a war of a rematch against Ngaoprajan Chuwattana, who he also beat in September.

His next fight will be against Jumong Aikbangzai, who is ranked number 6 in 108 pound division at Rajadamnern. Here is one of Jumong’s fights from earlier in the year (Jumong in red)

This fight will be a clash of styles, Nong is known for his strong punching power whereas Jumong has a strong clinch and knee game. Nong is confident that he will be able to win by landing some big shots and nullify Jumong’s clinch. He’s been working the pads very intensely with Fahsuchon and is looking strong, so everyone at the camp is hoping for another big win!


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