Jonny Betts

Jonny Betts is a passionate Muay Thai fighter from England.

A veteran of both the King’s and Queen’s Birthday events,Jonny has a strong,walk forward clinch and knee style.

Jonny Betts fights at The King’s Cup 2010

Jonny Betts fights at The King’s Cup 2010

Jonny Betts vs. Hongthong (Thailand)

Jonny Betts vs. Hongthong (Thailand)

Jonny Betts defeats Phuket Muay Thai Trainer

Jonny Betts defeats Phuket Muay Thai Trainer

First page with the latest blog posts by Jonny Betts :

Tuesday 27th Nov 2012
Another big fight for Talayhod (Nong) at Rajadamnern on Thursday

Talayhod TigerMuayThai (better known at the camp as Nong) left for Bangkok this afternoon for his next fight at Rajadamnern stadium on Thursday. Nong is on a nice winning streak, and in the most recent rankings is ranked number 6 in the 105 pound division at Rajadamnern. Last month he won a war...

Friday 9th Nov 2012
Big fights at Nai Harn tomorrow night

Rawai Muay Thai are holding their annual "Rawai Fight Night" event on Saturday night at Nai Harn beach. They've put together some great match ups, bringing in several fighters from top gyms in Bangkok. TMT has two fighters on the card: the always aggressive Robert "Terminator" and young up and...

Wednesday 7th Nov 2012
Talayhod TigerMuayThai vs Ngaoprajan Chuwattana (video)

Check out this very nice fight from Rajadamnern last month. Both these fighters are known as knockout punchers (both have experience in western boxing as well), but in this fight they let loose with everything: big kicks, knees, elbows and throws as well as their trademark punches. This was a...

Saturday 7th Apr 2012
I just want to fight again :(

It's been 14 months since I got injured and my leg is still in pain every day and impossible to train around. I've gone through months of physio, been to a bunch of different massage therapists but I'm still not getting better. This is so frustrating and depressing, Muay Thai is all I want to do...

Thursday 5th Apr 2012
Fights in Phang Nga

Yesterday I traveled up to Phang Nga (the neighbor province to Phuket) to watch Fahkanong fight. Fahkanong (better known as Nong at the gym), was coming off a big KO win against the highly rated fighter "Tee U.S" in his last fight. The event in Phang Nga was organized by one of the biggest and...

Monday 2nd Apr 2012
Claire Haigh and Brian Robertson’s fights in Luxembourg

This past Saturday, 2 x WPMF champion (and awesome person in general) Claire Haigh beat Dutch fighter Roxana Gaal in Luxembourg. This was Claire's second fight since moving back to Luxembourg after spending 3 years at TMT, in which she became a top ranked Muay Thai and MMA fighter and won WPMF...