Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Saturday 19th Jan 2013
Time just flies by!

As the topic states time just flies by! Already been in Thailand for 10 days crazy stuff! It’s been a decent week training wise, been a bit lazy on the jitsu side but have kept up with the crossfit. Hopefully Ill get more jitsu in next week!

My legs has finally recovered from last fridays crossfit. I dunno what happened but took almost a week to get rid of the soreness :p Maybe I went out a little bit too hard with too many sessions, so my poor weak bird legs didnt have enough time to recover. But overall the training sessions this week has been really good! Im satisfied with my performance. Might even be worth a beer or two tonight!

On the jitsu side of things, there are a lot of great people at the camp at the moment. Getting my ass kicked from left and right. Thats great in my opinion, thats when you learn! And what you also learn from is Fernando’s jitsu classes! It’s amazing how much stuff he has to show. Learned a lot on a short period of time already. Love it! It’s a bit of fresh air from my last trip where I didnt learn that much new stuff. Was mostly refining what I already knew. Don’t get me wrong last trip was awesome aswell, im not hating on anything/anyone! Im just saying! :)

And finally next weekend is the BBQ beatdown! No fight scheduled for this one but ill be there to enjoy the party and all the smoker fights! And so should you, cant wait!

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