Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Tuesday 29th Jan 2013
Im not a morning person!

I rather stay in bed until 1pm! I missed a lot of morning classes last week cuz I had trouble sleeping and overslept. Not ideal! Now its a new week and I started it out strong with oversleeping yet again! Im blaming the BBQ Beatdown! A Sunday at the beach was clearly not enough rest for such a rough party!

Though I picked myself up and did one crossfit session and the evening jitsu later that day.  Was a good start after a hard weekend!

Today I finally got up for the morning jiu jitsu, drilled some takedowns and some stuff from sidecontrol. Had a couple of good rolls too! Thank you Fernando for an awesome class!

In other news I have an exam in two weeks, have to stop procrastinating and start studying a bit! It’s hard though I rather work out thanstudy! lol. I think I’ll do good anyways (fingers crossed) :p

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