Jeremy Hassan

Jeremy Hassan is a BJJ Blue Belt under Professor Elbe.

A veteran of multiple BBQ Beatdowns, Jeremy Hassan is looking to continue gaining experience as he improves his technical abilities as a fighter.

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Jeremy in the 2010 Thailand BJJ & Grappling Open

Jeremy in the 2010 Thailand BJJ & Grappling Open

Jeremy competes for Tiger Muay Thai in the 2010 Thailand BJJ & Grappling Open

Jeremy competes for Tiger Muay Thai in the 2010 Thailand BJJ & Grappling Open

Jeremy vs. Felipe (Australia) in BBQ Beatdown 33

Jeremy vs. Felipe (Australia) in BBQ Beatdown 33

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Tuesday 17th Apr 2012
Thailand baby

I came back to Thailand a week ago, didnt really wanna say anything cuz i was suprising a few people. Came back just in time for Songkran and the Jeff Glover seminar. Songkran festival was a blast, always have so much fun and its absolutely mayhem. This time im only on vacation so only here for a...

Wednesday 28th Mar 2012
crossfit might be good for ya

oh my legs is killing me from monday training, good workout! WOD 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 sumo deadlift high pulls 24kg Kettlebell goblet squat 24kg kettlebell 24kg was heavier than i...

Saturday 18th Feb 2012
Glorius things at work.

It kinda look like a glory hole but its actually were we put our cans/bottle for recycle at work. Had a conversation at work during lunch and it came up in discussion never really thought about it befor but it do look like one. Try to stick your pecker in it and see if u get lucky ;D Have...

Sunday 12th Feb 2012
work train work train work train…zzZZzz

I've been meaning to write earlier but due to longs days at work & gym i've been to tired to do an update during the week. So what been going on lately? I passed the elite tryouts but decided im not going to join the group, it was a tough choise to make but wanted to start do crossfit and the...

Saturday 28th Jan 2012
Support your local fighter

I remember the first time I went to the fighters ring. I went up to Phet and told him I wanted to have a muay thai fight befor i went back home and the next morning i stepped into the fighters area. Thats the first time i met Lamsongkram, probably the tallest thai person i've met. Lamsongkram likes...

Friday 27th Jan 2012

The elite tryouts is still going on and the numbers have dropped since monday, yesterday it was muay thai on the schedule and i havent done any MT since my fight in september so i was abit rusty, ofcourse i've done some standup sparring but not as much as i used to do at Tiger. Did the last...