Written by Jeremy Hassan, Sunday 12th Feb 2012
work train work train work train…zzZZzz

I’ve been meaning to write earlier but due to longs days at work & gym i’ve been to tired to do an update during the week. So what been going on lately? I passed the elite tryouts but decided im not going to join the group, it was a tough choise to make but wanted to start do crossfit and the class is at the same time as the elite group. But can find good sparring in the advanced mma class also.

Earlier this week we had Leo D’avila from Brazil showing us some new nice moves. Working alot from the De la riva guard.

Last week I started out with crossfit that Nexus offers. Great workout, very high intense functional training, been doing it 2x/week and gonna keep up with it and it also gives me a few ideas of workouts for my own class when we do cardio.

Example of a crossfit workout:
As many rounds as possible (12min)
5 pushups
10 sit ups
15 squats

for the moment my training schedule looks like this
monday: crossfit
tuesday: mma & bjj
wednesday: crossfit & bjj
thursday: mma
friday: boxing/bjj/gym (depend on how i work)
sat & sundays: rest

The first SSL (swedish shootfighting league) was this weekend, now that the league have started i might do a fight or two if its close to Stockholm. Due to this i’ve started to clean up my diet abit and hopefully loose a few pounds. Ever since i got back to Sweden i’ve gained weight, now its time to get back in shape mode.

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