Jamie "Milkman" Mackinnon

Jamie Mackinnon is Originally from Scotland.

A BJJ Blue Belt under Professor Elbe, Jamie is looking to gain experience through competition as he continues to establish a resume that will allow him to fight professionally in MMA Internationally.

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Tiger Muay Thai vs. Phuket Top Team DARE FC Contract Signing

Tiger Muay Thai vs. Phuket Top Team DARE FC Contract Signing

Jamie “Milkman” Mackinnon vs. Grant in BBQ Beatdown 23

Jamie “Milkman” Mackinnon vs. Grant in BBQ Beatdown 23

Milkman scores Thaiboxing KO in Patong, Thailand

Milkman scores Thaiboxing KO in Patong, Thailand

First page with the latest blog posts by Jamie "Milkman" Mackinnon :

Wednesday 14th Mar 2012
Shooters Dundee producing CHAMPS

On saturday Shooters Dundee had 3 fighters representing them at Art of Combat 4 and man was it a great night. It's the first time since I've been back that I have been at an fight event and it was one hell of a show to kick things off. The weigh ins were on the morning of the event and all...

Thursday 1st Mar 2012
Shooters Dundee it’s the place to be :)

Finally got my self motivated to get back training and it's not been easy. The Shooters Dundee fight team is in full swing and we have many fighters in training camps for fights in the upcoming months. It's made me step up my game and get back into the MMA game fast as the standard of guys we...

Tuesday 13th Dec 2011
Got the War I was looking for

Last night I finally got the blood fuelled battle I have been looking for. I must have some form of sick mind as I like a bit of blood in a fight (ideally my opponants blood). I don't know what it is about having some blood in the fight because if your bleeding it means your broken/cut and that...

Monday 12th Dec 2011
Scotland in the house

Tonight Scotland is going to take over as me and fellow TMT fighter Jimmy are fighting at Patong Stadium, that being said no doubt we will be repping Australia (as usual on the posters) and with it being the start of the high season will be expecting a large Aussie crowd AUSSIE AUSSIE...

Saturday 3rd Dec 2011
Oh my Buddha

I have said for the last year I would run the Big Buddha hill before I left Thailand and today was the day it happened. The Big Buddha hill is a 4.5Km from the starting point of the Monkey show at the bottom. Last week I said to myself that all going well in my Muay Thai fight on wednesday I...

Thursday 1st Dec 2011
Another night of fights

Well last night was another night of fights. Me and TMT fighter Top were representing Tiger and also last night had a special fight with one of the Muay Thai greats Jomhod. This was only my second fight at Bangla stadium and I was hoping for a better ending than the 1st when I ended up in...