Jamie "Milkman" Mackinnon

Jamie Mackinnon is Originally from Scotland.

A BJJ Blue Belt under Professor Elbe, Jamie is looking to gain experience through competition as he continues to establish a resume that will allow him to fight professionally in MMA Internationally.

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Tuesday 15th Nov 2011
Not exactly what I had in mind

Well last night was my 7th Muay Thai fight and I was hoping for a good old scrap and bit of a war. On arriving at the stadium I was keen to see the fight card to see who I would be fighting. I looked down the list to see I was fighting Banyat. The first thing I thought was F**K as this would...

Saturday 5th Nov 2011
before you no good, now you good but still no good hahaha

The vids from my last 2 fights The first vid is from my fight against Komsorn about a month back. This was the fight that I was started to feel more relaxed allowing me to use more of the techniques I have been learning and look a little less scrappy....

Friday 28th Oct 2011
Getting back into the swing of things

This week I have been taking it a bit easy. I got my stitches out on Monday and have been running and doing some weights. The last few day I have been up running with Lamsongkram and Aled at 6.30am. Lamsongkram is training for his upcoming title defence in China in November and my next fight is...

Tuesday 18th Oct 2011
Size Doesn’t Matter

Well so I found out the hard way last night. Last night I was fighting Jumbo A at Patong Stadium. When I first seen him the first thing that I thought was well I have the reach advantage as I was head and shoulders taller than him. I had also been informed that he had very good leg kicks so I...

Tuesday 11th Oct 2011
Dundee is the place to be this Xmas

Dundee MMA is doing nothing but greatness. In the past it has been providing people with top class Seminars from the likes of Robert Drysdale, Gazzy Parman and "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva and it keeps on getting better. This December none other than Jeremy Horn, yes thats right Jeremy...

Tuesday 4th Oct 2011
Always learning :)

Here is the video from my 2nd fight with Banyat a few weeks back. I won by Tko in the first round but learned a lot from the fight. I knocked him down and after the ref gave him the standing count I preesed forward all excited...