Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Tuesday 15th Nov 2011
Not exactly what I had in mind

Well last night was my 7th Muay Thai fight and I was hoping for a good old scrap and bit of a war.

On arriving at the stadium I was keen to see the fight card to see who I would be fighting. I looked down the list to see I was fighting Banyat. The first thing I thought was F**K as this would be my 4th time against him. The last 3 times have been wins for me and I knew this time would have the same result which it was, KO in the 1st round. Check the vid below

I was very disappointed to be fighting him again and hope next time I will get that war I am looking for. The disappointment never lasted long as after the fight Matthew took us to a amazing burger place :)

Also a shout out to my man Brain Robertson who was also fighting last night picking up a 2nd round KO

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