Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Tuesday 13th Dec 2011
Got the War I was looking for

Last night I finally got the blood fuelled battle I have been looking for. I must have some form of sick mind as I like a bit of blood in a fight (ideally my opponants blood). I don’t know what it is about having some blood in the fight because if your bleeding it means your broken/cut and that isn’t really good for a fighter. Also I don’t go out to hurt my opponant, but it is fighting and there will be a few aches and pains. I guess it just make’s me come alive a bit more and makes a more entertaining/exciting fight.

I had a funny feeling that because my mum was watching it was going to be a battle and arriving at the stadium finding out my opponant was French I knew it was going to be a battle that I would have done everything to win. The reason for this is that in my 1st Muay Thai fight this year it was against a Frenchman. It was a fight I was winning but was unlucky to recieve a low blow in the 4th and I was unable to continue, so I had to make sure I would get even ;)

Last night my opponant was the first to draw blood but I tried my best to make him pay for it after. I had planned on coming out at a slow pace to feel out my opponant but he came out trying to set a fast pace so I had to quickly adjust and try and take it to him. I would say I was landing the more significant shots but he was busy with punches and kicks so I closed the distance and worked my knee’s. I landed some really good knee’s and heard him wince so knew that if I kept it up I would be able to gas him out and keep pressure to try and keep on top of him. Mid way through the 1st round he landed a big elbow and I felt it straight away. I was not sure if it had opened a cut but once my heart rate quickend I felt the blood pump out down my face. At first I was worried but just tried to stay calm and keep the pressure up and land more strikes. At the end of the 1st round I land 4 or 5 good knees in a row that took it out of him and knew he was gassing and slowing down.

Inbetween the rounds Kru Goi was telling me the cut was ok and to keep the pressure on. He said look he DIE already KNEE KNEE KNEE and you win sure. So I came out touched gloves and and went forward throwing some punches and landed a powerful knee that I could feel started to take the fight out of him. I never gave him any time to rest and pressed forward with punches and knees and mid way through the 2nd the ref broke us in the clinch then my opponant waved off the fight not wanting to continue.

I was very happy with the fight obviously looking back on the video there is things I have to work on but on the whole it was a good fight with a positive outcome.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me through training and supporting me, wouldn’t be able to do it without you :)

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