Justin Governale

Justin Governale is a former US Marine and a BJJ Blue Belt.

Justin Governale is focused and dedicated to training and is competing as an amateur with the hopes of competing professionally.

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Justin Governale competes at the BJJ festival Bangkok Thailand

Justin Governale competes at the BJJ festival Bangkok Thailand

Justin vs. Simon (Denmark) in BBQ Beatdown 36

Justin vs. Simon (Denmark) in BBQ Beatdown 36

Justin Governale vs. Mardsing Suriya (Ultra Fight Gym)

Justin Governale vs. Mardsing Suriya (Ultra Fight Gym)

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Tuesday 7th Feb 2012
Eyes are windows to the soul!!

Ok so those of you who stalk me an amature video of my fight is up on my facebook and I'll post the professional video as soon as I get it. For those of you who want to stalk me, add me on facebook Justin J Governale. As for the title of this post...My room mate writes on his mirror with an...

Monday 6th Feb 2012
Fight weekend in Vegas recap!

As you stalkers know you, I had my 4th fight in Las Vegas and MAN was it a good weekend! From the weigh-ins to the fight, crying stippers, sleep deprivation, and the Vegas treatment, it couldn't have been better...Unless if you are reading this, I would have loved to have you here...

Thursday 2nd Feb 2012
I got my Fawking weigh in shorts!

I don't think there is much to say, this pic was taken on Monday...I have lost 4 pounds and 2 more by just going to sleep tonight. I think the pic is self explanitory but pay extra attention to the shorts. (no homo) Yeah I'm wearing them to weigh ins tomorrow! Sin City let's do this! P.S. I...

Saturday 28th Jan 2012
I only have one thing to Blog about

I am staying in this weekend doing homework and resting for my fight Next friday. This is pretty normal considering I am a little fucking angel :) . I worked my ass off and the work is already done. Almost forgot, one more thing...This sweet fucking...

Monday 23rd Jan 2012
Cali life

Ok so there are a couple of reasons I love California. One reason is that I absoulutely love MMA and in Southern California it is a good place to be for that. Everyday on my way to Subfighter, I pass former UFC Champion Rampage Jackson's gym. There are also 3 other gyms 10 minutes away from my gym...

Friday 20th Jan 2012
Gay Humor

Ok so in Jiu Jitsu gyms across the world one thing that I have noticed in every gym I have ever trained at is the love for gay jokes...It's not gay if you're only doing it to prove you don't like it, etc. etc. WELL I thought you stalkers that actually train BJJ, stalkers that like gay jokes, or...