Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Friday 1st Feb 2013
Who’s in control?

You or your brain? You might say that they are the same thing! But in my opinion they are not, you (your Conciousness/Soul) or whatever you want to call it is in charge of your brain. You tell the brain what to do, not the other way around! It’s a very philosophical subject, im no scientist nor a¬†philosoraptor it’s just my take on the subject! :P

Where am I actually going with this? Just that I wanna share some knowledge from an article in a Swedish science magazine I read years ago! According to this article when you work out your brains tells you that you are way more tired than you actually are. The brain still lives in the past of our ancestors and the brain tells you that you are tired and you have to slow down. Just so your muscles have enough juice in the case of danger, you might get attacked by a superior predator and you need to have enough strength to fight back or escape.

So if you arent planning on fighting any sabertooth-ed tigers or flying T-Rexes after your workouts you tell your brain to shut up and power on through.

Less QQ more pew pew ok?

Translation:  Shut up and squat! ^^


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