Written by Jesper Freyschuss, Monday 21st Jan 2013
If you are late to class

YOU APOLOGIZE! I would guess we are all old enough to understand that it’s a bit disrespectful to come late to classes without apologizing to your trainer/coach. I’m not saying I’m perfect and that I’m always on time, but atleast I open my pie hole and say something! Not just join the class and pretend that nothing happened!  Maybe it’s just me! Sorry for the rant guys just a bit annoyed, lol :P



Been a pretty boring weekend to be honest! Had a  good Crossfit session Saturday morning, other than that it was pretty dull! Got a lot of time for studying tho which is good. For you guys that dont know I’m doing some IT/Programming courses online which is how im funding my trip this time around. It’s a good motivator to study in Thailand  because I get funds every month, and if I dont do what im suppose to I get cut off and I have to go home! Which is not what I want! So I have to do good! :)  Been able to work out quite a lot during my current course cuz don’t find it that challenging. But the next couple of courses will require way more effort. So we’ll see how much I’m able to workout in the upcoming months :P

As I said boring weekend so im happy its monday so I can train again! Did morning jitsu, BOTH the crossfit classes which was pretty crazy and evening jitsu. During crossfit we did the “Deck of cards” you have an exercise designated for every suit and you do as many as the card shows. We used to do this back at our gym aswell, but not quite the same. Here we had 4 jokers in the deck, and every joker is x5 the next card. During the first session we had the unfortune to pull TWO jokers after eachother so that means 10x the next card, and of course the burpee card shows up. It showed the number 10, so 10×10 = 100. 100 burpees! I wasnt pleased one bit!  We were a bit luckier in the second crossfit session with the cards tho, the worst was 40 suicide planks (In the first class we had 80 suicide planks aswell, so I guess two jokers again? wasnt really paying attention ^^) and 45 squats. So we’ll see how I feel tomorrow, I might slip into a coma!

Monday crossfit session.

Saturday crossfit session. Which wasnt pleasant at all! My time was 24:29 which I was pretty satisfied with!


Alrighty time to hibernate! Bye! Zzzzzz

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