Nadia Kloster

Nadia Kloster is one of the few “falang” female Muay Thai fighters living and competing on the island of Phuket.

With an amazing dedication to training, follow Nadia as she continues to challenge her Muay Thai career.

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Nadia wins on points at Bangla Thaiboxing Stadium

Nadia wins on points at Bangla Thaiboxing Stadium

Nadia vs. Yodnamphet (Thailand)

Nadia vs. Yodnamphet (Thailand)

Nadia wins by KO round 2 Bangla Thai Boxing Stadium

Nadia wins by KO round 2 Bangla Thai Boxing Stadium

First page with the latest blog posts by Nadia Kloster :

Sunday 20th Nov 2011
Visa Runs are never awesome, but fighting is…!

So yesterday I went on a Visa Run to Burma. takes about 13hours just sitting there in a bus do the little boat ride, to get that stupid stamp. But once done then I wont have to think about it for another 3 month.. Today on the other hand, I will be fighting at Bangla stadium in Patong. If...

Sunday 13th Nov 2011

Last Sunday I was fighting at Bangla stadium here in Patong. sadly my original opponent got sick and I fought a girl I had fought before. I won the fight, it was a good fight, even though I beet her before I still managed to gain some experience from the fight. I tried to work on stuff in the ring,...

Sunday 6th Nov 2011
Fighting tonight..!!

Yiiir..!! looking forward to step into that ring tonight... If you are in the Patong area and don't know what to do with your time, come support the fighters fighting out of Tiger, its gonna be...

Sunday 23rd Oct 2011
Ready for another week of training at TMT.

Coffee with friends and a massage, Yeah! now I'm ready for another hard training week at TMT. A nice relaxing Sunday, exactly like its supposed to be :D My shoulder is slowly getting better, and was even able to do some easy clinching yesterday hopefully it wont be a problem during next weeks...

Sunday 16th Oct 2011
Won my last fight.

So this week I had a fight, already quite a few days ago, was on the 10th. I won by TKO in the second round. If you ask me, not one of my better fights, I found it quite messy, my head being elsewhere than in the ring. Guess we all have our good days and bad days as well, but hey, I still won the...

Sunday 9th Oct 2011
Fighting tomorrow.!

Tomorrow night I will finally after a really long break from the ring get back in there. I am Looking forward to it. My few but rather important pre-fight rituals are done with by now and all there is left now is resting and eating.. easy right. What are my rituals you ask? Well, its more like a...