Micah Terry

Micah Terry is a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. A veteran of over 10 fights, with a win ratio of more than 90%, he currently splits his time between Tiger Muay Thai and Kampfport Zentrum Schmid in Stuttgart Germany.

Looking to continue his climb up the world Heavyweight rankings Micah is an athletic puncher with an aggressive style that fight fans and promoters love to watch.

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Micah vs. Parnlhek (Thailand) @ Bangla Boxing Stadium

Micah vs. Parnlhek (Thailand) @ Bangla Boxing Stadium

Micah wins by brutal body kick in first round at Patong Boxing stadium

Micah wins by brutal body kick in first round at Patong Boxing stadium

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Monday 31st Oct 2011
Dusting it off…..

Everything about this battle was extremely intense. From start to finish my blood was boiling over and heart rate just as high. This brought definition to a true gladiator experience!!!!!! The adrenaline rush of walking out into a roaring hungry crowd of over 4,000 people, cameras, and television...

Sunday 16th Oct 2011
Dont Miss This Epic Fight Night !!!!!

Monday 19th Sep 2011
Fight Night Recap…..

It is no secret that I have not been competing in combat sports nearly as long as others and there is still much room for growth and improvement. Through the grace of God, hard work, and dedication I have consistently moved up faster than most. So for me, fighting on the undercard of a big...

Saturday 13th Aug 2011
Picture This…….

Monday - Friday, your diet consists of protein shakes, brown rice, salads, fruits & vegetables. Maybe an occasional noodle soup, just to provide enough carbs to make it through the training day. Finally, Saturday arrives and your mouth is watering because you are granted the pleasure of...

Wednesday 10th Aug 2011
Time Flies When You’re Hustling!

WOW...... It's amazing how fast time can fly when you are preparing for a fight. With approximately 4 weeks of training camp left here in Phuket, it is almost time to see all this hard work pay off. Six days a week for Six hours a day+ I train to be my enemies misery, walk around pissed off,...

Sunday 7th Aug 2011
Killas Gotta Eat Too!

Perfect way to spend your weekend, especially after getting your ass handed to you all week...