Written by Micah Terry, Saturday 13th Aug 2011
Picture This…….

Monday – Friday, your diet consists of protein shakes, brown rice, salads, fruits & vegetables. Maybe an occasional noodle soup, just to provide enough carbs to make it through the training day.

Finally, Saturday arrives and your mouth is watering because you are granted the pleasure of eating what ever your heart desires.

Like a child on Christmas morning you anxiously head to the beach to enjoy the sound of waves crashing, get your cheat meal on, and make it a lazy day. I mean even God himself had a day of rest right ?!?!?!?!?!?!

MMMMMMMMMM nothing like a veggie burger w/ fries and a cold beer to wash it down =) Within seconds your burger is devoured like a starving dog on a can of peanut butter….. Sooooo good, sooooo fulfilling. However, you can’t help to notice there was an ingredient you had never tasted before. Something extremely crunchy. Perhaps it was the thinly sliced cucumbers? I don’t know, who cares, at this point you are fat and happy.

Finally, the last bite of your burger is swallowed and you wipe your mouth. It was finger licking good, and what you believe to be a crumb falls off of your lips onto your plate of french fries.

You look down at your plate ready to attack your french fries and realize that was no crumb, nor did you just digest anything remotely close to a cucumber.

What fell off of your lips was actually the back leg of a cock roach!!! As a matter of fact the very thing stuck between your teeth is not even food, it is the antenna of a bug…………

Good Eats! Thailand never ceases to amaze me hahahaahah!

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