Written by Micah Terry, Wednesday 10th Aug 2011
Time Flies When You’re Hustling!


It’s amazing how fast time can fly when you are preparing for a fight. With approximately 4 weeks of training camp left here in Phuket, it is almost time to see all this hard work pay off. Six days a week for Six hours a day+ I train to be my enemies misery, walk around pissed off, and happy about it! I am in the best shape of my life and I have never prepared for a fight as hard as I have for this one.

September 6th I will be flying to Germany in order to complete my pre-fight work up, finalize my weight cut, and acclimate my body.

September 17th it is show time at the “Carl Benz Arena” Stuttgart, Germany. That’s right!!!!! I will be fighting on an Elite Boxing promotion know as “Thailand Vs Challenger”. This episode will be “Thailand Vs Germany”.

Simon Hinkel, I hope you spend as much time with your loved ones as possible and write your last wishes into a will because this night will be your last. IT IS GONNA TO BE WAR……..


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