Written by Micah Terry, Monday 19th Sep 2011
Fight Night Recap…..

It is no secret that I have not been competing in combat sports nearly as long as others and there is still much room for growth and improvement. Through the grace of God, hard work, and dedication I have consistently moved up faster than most. So for me, fighting on the undercard of a big promotion, such as: “Thailand Vs Challenger” is a fantastic opportunity. Though this was a lower class fight it still provided great exposure, good pay, and a good reminder of why I love doing what I do. That is the positive side of Saturday night….

Here is the negative: originally I was told this fight would be a K-1 style fight consisting of full K-1 rules and 3 rounds of 3 mins. So the majority of my time at training camp was structured around a k-1 style of fighting.

About a week prior to the fight I discovered I would be fighting 5 rounds of Muay Thai w/ full rules. However, neither of which made any difference to me I just wanted to fight.

This was an undercard fight and of lower class, and we had to adhere to German Muay Thai rules. Elbows were permitted, but in this instance the use of elbow protection was left to the discretion of the fighters.

Of course, I immediately agreed to fighting without elbow protection but my opponent refused to battle me unless it was worn. To be more exact : “If Mic wont use elbow protection then I will not fight tonight”. I was pissed!

This was a major let down for me because I wanted a war, a really bloody war to be exact.!!!!

I wanted to cut this guy open like a butcher and wouldn’t have minded one bit if he had done the same to me; it is all part of the game…

So after weighing in at 90kg’s (198 lbs) and agreeing to elbow protection I was fired up and ready to get it on. I was still a little tired from my weight cut, but it was time to bring the rukus!

All 5 rounds were pretty entertaining and the match ended up going to decision in which the judges scored it as a draw. Truthfully I was very surprised with the result and even my opponent’s corner said that I had won. All part of the game though…needless to say it was a great experience, got the ring rust off of me, and now it is back to the drawing board in preparation for my next bout at the end of October.

October 22nd I will be fighting in Tubingen, Germany, for the German ISKA Super Cruiser Weight Professional Muay Thai Title. For any one who is interested this will be broadcasted live on TV throughout Europe and also streamed live from the net as well. I will have more details as we get close to fight time.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for their help and support. I look forward to bringing you more action packed entertainment in the near future. God Bless…..

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