Written by Micah Terry, Monday 31st Oct 2011
Dusting it off…..

Everything about this battle was extremely intense. From start to finish my blood was boiling over and heart rate just as high. This brought definition to a true gladiator experience!!!!!! The adrenaline rush of walking out into a roaring hungry crowd of over 4,000 people, cameras, and television crews in your face is an experience words could not even begin to put into perspective. However, just like any other high, it does not last forever and when I came down from this one I crashed……

First I would like to send my congratulations out to Rinor Latte, the New ISKA Super Cruiser Champion of Germany. There are many positive things to say about this humble warrior, fantastic opponent and friend. He did everything necessary to come out on top and did a phenomenal job seizing the opportunity when provided. I believe that will answer the question of “How did the fight go?”

Yepp…….I was unable to pull a victory out this go around. To be a little more blunt, I got my butt handed to me on a platter then fed a full plate of second helpings hahahaha! Anyone that was present or saw the fight can vouch that this was my worst performance thus far.

It never ceases to amaze me how the smallest injury can change the outcome of a fight at any given time! All was going as planned up until the middle of the second round when my opponent successfully landed a series of elbows and crosses, fracturing my orbital bone. This combination would extinguish the vision of my left eye leaving me handicapped for the rest of the fight. Fighting blind was never part of the game plan and from this point on he used it to his advantage and put it on me.

For the remaining rounds of the fight I spent the majority of my energy on trying to defend my self. Every attempt to break out of my rut and regain ring dominance was foiled. My opponent was very smart and just as any other warrior would have done, he capitalized on the chink in my armor.

On the brighter side of things I may have been defeated but at the end of all five rounds, broken-up and blinded, I was still standing. This is just another stepping stone in my fighting career and when the opportunity arises for me to prove that I am a Champion I will gladly be there to accept the challenge. For now I will keep doing what I do best, training hard, fighting hard, and trusting in the life plan God has placed me on. Thank you everyone for your support and I look forward to bringing you more action in the future. God Bless….

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