Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Monday 15th Apr 2013
Is Ewan”Big Boy” ready for Sobek?

I know I know…its been a few months but i have been busy with my girl and trying to live my life away from my PC as much as I can BUT ANYWAYS we got another big fight set in the crosshairs!

So the last couple of weeks i have been getting annoyed (but in a positive way) by my neighbor/teammate Jonny Betts. Getting woken up for every training session even on the weekends…N I HATE TRAINING ON MY DAYS MEANT FOR REST but it has been in prep for this fight. This will be one of my biggest fights so far in my career.

The Man with title im gonna take is named Ewan “Big Boyz”. He is somewhat of the same build as me (short n stocky) and has powerful kicks BUT I dont believe he has ever been in the ring with another heavyweight that likes to push the pace in a fight and never been hit by a man that has a fist nicknamed “Songkram” before either! :P

This fight will be a little different from a normal muay thai fight. The only way to win is by knockout and if the fight goes all five rounds it will be a draw… sucks but I will do my best to put him on his ass!

Well I will be heading out of here on friday to Kuala Lumpur then gonna take a long as bus trip to Kelantan where the fights will be held.

All I can say now is good luck to big boy and i hope hes ready cus im gonna bring war to him in his home country!
Gonna bring home a belt to TMT…maybe even wear it for a few days like Tyson did :P

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