Written by Matthew "Sobek" Semper, Thursday 3rd Jan 2013
Lil TRex movin up to the big leagues!

I was very proud to hear that my old training partner Livia has gotten the chance to show the world what shes got in Invicta FC.

Livia has truly dedicated her self to the fight game. From Europe to Asia to the states, Livia has been kickin ass and takin names where ever she goes!

Now training/fighting out of Team Quest she gets to bang with other hungry fighters in the strawweight division. Definitely looking forward to hearing how she does this weekend. i dont expect anything other then straight up aggression coming from the mini TRex… ALWAYS hitting fast and furious!

If you like WMMA def check out the Invicta FC! Filled with talented women that know how to bang!
You can also stream the show live from Invictafc.com for $8US…SO CHECK IT OUT

She might be pint size but check out the video below where she totally abuses her opponent!

To my bite size friend Livia… do ur thang guuurll!! ^_^

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