Written by Justin Governale, Monday 23rd Jan 2012
Cali life

Ok so there are a couple of reasons I love California. One reason is that I absoulutely love MMA and in Southern California it is a good place to be for that. Everyday on my way to Subfighter, I pass former UFC Champion Rampage Jackson’s gym. There are also 3 other gyms 10 minutes away from my gym Subfighter. Anyways, Subfighter held a local tournament in our gym and we ended up getting over 100 competitors. What was interesting is all the spectators were very aware and willing to take off thier shoes because the fight scene is huge out here.

Second I took a picture of the competition going on and it went really well, over 30 schools showed up. I was very impressed with techniques I saw. One thing in particular caught my eye as I saw a 14 year old take 1st place in one division, sumitting a man that was 46 in the finals. I am not taking away credit from anyone but honestly this kid was amazing.

Last BUT NOT LEAST, I love how people are so open minded out here. Every day I drive by the other apartments in my complex and notice one thing as I drive by one apartment. What I am getting at is if I can see it, so can everyone else that lives here. A sherrif lives in my complex and doubt he even cares that he see’s 3 decent sized Marijuana plants in someone’s apartment window. In plain sight and noone cares to steal it…that’s awesome :)

Ahhhhh, it sucks living only 10 minutes away from the beach and 5 minutes away from a nice lake :P

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