Written by Justin Governale, Monday 6th Feb 2012
Fight weekend in Vegas recap!

As you stalkers know you, I had my 4th fight in Las Vegas and MAN was it a good weekend! From the weigh-ins to the fight, crying stippers, sleep deprivation, and the Vegas treatment, it couldn’t have been better…Unless if you are reading this, I would have loved to have you here and you know who you are…(no homo :P) Well first things first I’ll start with the weigh ins.

I made weight no problem and stepped on the scale with my awesome shorts and nobody laughed except for my crew…too soon? :’( LOL I was 155.0 on the dot as planned. It was my first time actually cutting weight and not only dieting so I must have stepped in at about 162 the next day and I felt strong! I walk around at about 170 and dieted down to 162. I then cut the extra 7 pounds in 3 days with the help of my wrestling coach and training partners. TOO EASY! Check out the shorts if you haven’t seen them yet :P

The next day was my fight and I had some people come watch. Other than my coaches, training partners, and thier families, special shout out to my Uncle Chuck and friend Tony, Jerry who I was in bootcamp with, Mark the Beaner who I trained in Thailand with and his girl Amanda who showed me a BADASS TIME in Vegas, Corey and Bruce (and fiancee) who I served two tours in Iraq with. They all traveled hours and hours to come see me from across the country! Thank you!

With that being said, my opponent was fighting out of Las Vegas and he was from Drysdale’s Jiu Jitsu, a highly respected school. They announced his gym as “the Mecca of Gyms” then his name and the crowd went WILD. I then see Robert Drysdale in his corner! For those of you are somewhat in the loop, Drysdale has submitted big names like Marcelo Garcia and Bastien Huveneers. They called my name and I had maybe a quarter of the screams he did but it was a good experience. There were a few exchanges and as he went for a takedown. I caught his head in a guillotine and jumped on him. He was actually holding me up as I crawled up his body and secured the choke. When he tapped I was suspended in the air and he was standing straight up. I also had one arm trapped and was going to maybe go for a standing triangle but secured what I needed. To me it was the coolest submission I have pulled off in a competition. I am by no means near where I want to be performance wise but am making smooth progress. I won 0:52 seconds of round 1 but couldn’t have dont it without the insane training partners that beat me up and my coaches that train/have trained me. The rest of my teammates did really good as we had 4/6 victories for the Subfighter Team. My room mate and former Marine Arron put on an ASSWHOOPING and won in 42 seconds…The next day I got a text from another Marine that knows us both saying “I knew you and Aaron would win, Marines don’t know how to lose” That got my dick hard!

Next I crossed something off my bucket list. I went out to celebrate at a club then they took me to some strip club. I am going to sound like someone else when I say this BUT I have a girl and I felt bad being around these stripers. One buddy bought me a dance and I did not look at her at all. I then asked her to get off me as I didn’t feel right. After some cheesy compliments, she asked me “what’s wrong baby?” I told her I have have a girl and I don’t think she would appreciate this. THEN CAME THE PROUDEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE…She started crying at the top of her lungs mumbling “you are so sweet, I wish I had a guy like you” I guess the lap dance IS better when the stripper is crying :P Some more virgins, I mean strippers approached me and one asked me if I liked her breasts. I said I am not getting a dance as I am just waiting for some buddies. She kept INSISTING I look at her breasts and kept asking me if they were nice. I finally to shut her up said yes and she said “you want to know why they are so nice?” “It’s because they still have milk in them.” I gave her a look of shock and she kept trying to get my attention. I finally looked AND SHE SQUEEZED MILK OUT OF HER TITTY. OMG I kept yelling at her “why did you show me that?” “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME” HAHAHAHAHA. Anyways I went home and woke up an hour and a half later with a hangover. I then promised myself I would never drink again…until tomorrow at least.

The next day I said goodbye to my Uncle, his friend Tony, and my brother Corey who flew back to Wisconsin. I then met up with a buddy I trained with in Thailand for six months aka “Mark the Beaner.” We started the night out at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas a replica of the real one in Oktober fest in Munich Germany. We drank some brews then we went to a 80′s hair band parody/rock show “Steel Panther”. There was at least an hour wait to get in AND you needed tickets, that is unless you know Mark the Beaner! We were escorted in and sat down at a very high priced VIP table next to a familiar face. The show was making fun of 80′s hair bands but the music and performance was pretty kick ass. They say over the mic “holy shit are you Rikki Rockett?” Indeed it was the drummer from 80′s glam metal band, Poison. They ask him if he knows the song “Talk Dirty to Me” and he responds with a fuck yeah as it was one of thier hits. He gets on stage and crushes it for about 4 songs. He got off stage and had a ton of people asking for a picture. I pulled the Veteran card and he pushed everyone away ensuring we get our picture. He then told us how in the first Gulf War he sent thousands of albums to troops showing his support. I thought that was pretty fucking cool to tell you the truth. Me and my buddies snapped a pretty cool picture.

Last but not least was the highlight of my weekend, when we were leaving the show. On our way to Starbucks standing in line next to me is one of my my favorite MMA fighters in the game, Nick Diaz. I saw his face full of disappointment after his loss and though I was intimidated, I asked him for a photo. His response was “hell yeah homie, get in here” He saw my beautiful ears and asked where I trained out of. I told him Subfighter out of Orange County CA. He said “that’s what’s up” Diaz asked me if I had any fights and I told him I had four. He then asked how many wins and I told him 3 wins, one draw and he said “hell yeah homie not bad, keep it up.” Then he told me how he was upset about the outcome of his fight and how he thinks he is going to quit the UFC and quit fighting. I said I like his cockyness and I would hate to see him stop then he smiled and said “talk to me when you have 12 fights, this shit gets tiring homie” He didn’t go back with his friends and we bullshitted for like 10 more minutes. I asked him if he was going to go find some girl for the night and he actually said “nah homie, I have my girlfriend right there…without her I would be all sorts of crazy, she keeps me in line so I don’t cheat on her” He talks a lot of shit on TV but I have even more respect for him after our little encounter. He shook my hand and said “Stay up homie.”

I ended the night/weekend at my buddy Bruce’s room as I crashed his floor. He is getting married in May and is flying me out to Utah TO BE HIS BEST MAN! I could not have served with better men! One last shout out to the men of 3/1 as that is the last thing I think about before I step in the ring/cage. I am slowly improving but still have a LONG ways to go. One week off then back to the drawing board!! “stay up” stalkers! Thanks for stalking!

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