Justin Governale

Justin Governale is a former US Marine and a BJJ Blue Belt.

Justin Governale is focused and dedicated to training and is competing as an amateur with the hopes of competing professionally.

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Friday 20th Jan 2012
Honorable Discharge

After you get out of the Marines you still have four years that you can be recalled for any reason what so ever. I have many friends who got recalled but after you get your Honorable Discharge (you recieve after 8 years total) you can not be recalled...Guess what came in the mail...

Thursday 19th Jan 2012

MAN, I am training for this fight and it is hectic! I was up till 3 am doing homework, slept four hours and was at school by 9 am. I got out at 1015 and hauled balls to Subfighter am MMA class and did work. After I finished, I worked boxing with coach Jimmy Jackson for about 30 more mins. I...

Tuesday 17th Jan 2012
Man oh MAN

Where do I start? I honeslty haven't blogged in a minute so I appologize stalkers. I have been REALLY busy. I am not a full time college student and am also training for my fourth MMA fight. I fell off the wagon due to an injury but am back at 100% After I was injured I drove down to Texas to visit...

Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011
Road head

So I just arrived to Laredo Texas to visit for a two weeks from my new home in Orange County California. Honestly nothing cool happened other than me peeing in bottles, jerking off to stay awake, and me almost running out of gas...:S I left yesterday and drove for a total 1600 miles and 24 hours....

Thursday 17th Nov 2011
Wobbly H

So yesterday little Mac and Ray were in LA so I went up to get them so we can go out for dinner...Ray is a Black Belt in BJJ and my MMA coach at Tiger Muay Thai. They are here for a few weeks doing some bussiness stuff in the LA area so I stopped by. I am driving to Texas this week so I might...

Tuesday 15th Nov 2011
Masanori Kanehara Stops in from Japan

Masanori Kanehara is in from Japan and has a fight in San Diego this saturday. He stopped in and trained with us in the am class at Subfighter MMA. Really cool to get the chance to spar with him and one thing I admire about Japanese fighters is the tremendous amount of respect they have in the gym....