Written by Justin Governale, Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011
Road head

So I just arrived to Laredo Texas to visit for a two weeks from my new home in Orange County California. Honestly nothing cool happened other than me peeing in bottles, jerking off to stay awake, and me almost running out of gas…:S I left yesterday and drove for a total 1600 miles and 24 hours. On a brighter note I did change my roommates background on his computer minutes before I left! I took a very homo erotic picture and uploaded it to his desktop background. That way when he gets on his computer he can think of me when I’m gone (no homo). LOL

I got in and the first thing I did was stop in at Paragon BJJ as they were finishing class. They all told me I smelled like I had been driving for 24 hours so I went home and my mom kept asking me if I was hungry. I kept saying “I guess” but she cooked this up real quick anyways :) I love being beaner sometimes…SOMETIMES :P

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