Written by Justin Governale, Thursday 17th Nov 2011
Wobbly H

So yesterday little Mac and Ray were in LA so I went up to get them so we can go out for dinner…Ray is a Black Belt in BJJ and my MMA coach at Tiger Muay Thai. They are here for a few weeks doing some bussiness stuff in the LA area so I stopped by. I am driving to Texas this week so I might give him a ride and drop him off in Arizona so I have someone to keep me awake ;) no homo…

On another not I heard three tree branches snap really loud in practice yesterday but it was my knee instead of a branch. I don’t think I will be able to walk right for about a week or so but thank God I can still kind of walk. It didn’t change color or swell too bad so I am thinking this is not TOO bad. I think it is my IT band from asking around. P.S. don’t go to webMD because I will all of a sudden have 5 life threatening diseases LOL. It does suck but this is where the veteran in me kicks in and says at least I still have a knee. Right after it happened I was in pain but one thing that really picked me up was my other friend in class who is also a grunt veteran said “at least it’s not haji and his AK man” #TRUTH

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