Written by Justin Governale, Thursday 19th Jan 2012

MAN, I am training for this fight and it is hectic! I was up till 3 am doing homework, slept four hours and was at school by 9 am. I got out at 1015 and hauled balls to Subfighter am MMA class and did work. After I finished, I worked boxing with coach Jimmy Jackson for about 30 more mins. I finished and was on my way back to school again for another class. I finished and went home…for a jog :) After I had to go back to school for my third class of the day. I only had a chance to eat nuts, fruits, veggies, and a protien shake all day. In my last class all I could think about was a steak I had in my fridge. I could not wait to come home and cook it. I literally got home and made the biggest mess making steak and pico de gallo…within 20 mins, everything was made and I had already eaten…BEAST STATUS…gonna pass out and do three training sessions tomorrow :) to my asian peeps…have a rice day :)

mess from steak

Pico de Gallo mess

I am all that is fucking MAN!!!

goodnight and thanks for stalking…

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