Justin Governale

Justin Governale is a former US Marine and a BJJ Blue Belt.

Justin Governale is focused and dedicated to training and is competing as an amateur with the hopes of competing professionally.

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Saturday 12th Nov 2011
Veterans Day

Veterans day as a kid to be honest didn't hit me because it was "just another day off." I honestly didn't understand it or what it meant. I went to the Marine Corps Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery when I was in 8th grade on a school trip but it was just a chance to be out of the state...

Friday 11th Nov 2011
I am only gay for Marines (yes homo)

I am not gay and am jk BUT, 236 years ago today the Marine Corps was born in a bar in Tun Tavern, Philadelphia. It is a tradition for all Marines past and present to go out for a few brews in honor the Marine Corps. I had wings and beer at Hooters in Lake Forrest earlier today with two fellow...

Wednesday 9th Nov 2011
My mom beat me as a child!!

I am jk biggest stalker a.k.a. Mom! She never beat me as a child BUT she still does treat me like a child. When I go home and we all go out to eat the server will ask what I would like to eat. Before I have time to respond, my mom will look at me like a 5 year old and say "what do you want to drink...

Tuesday 8th Nov 2011
All warfare is based on deception

So Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 came out in the US and was released today at midnight. I get there and there is a massive line and a DJ. LOL I kept telling myself "this is crazy, I can't believe these people are standing in the cold just to get this game" (as I continue to stand in line) I...

Monday 7th Nov 2011
time heals all wounds

I had this idea for this tattoo since 2005 and just got it earlier today! Yes that's a human (male) heart in her hand and it represents that women are beautiful and are like parking lots because they are all liars and whores...just kidding mom and every other girl that is not a whore, what I...

Sunday 6th Nov 2011
With so much drama in the LBC!! you win some, you lose some ;)

So I competed In the nogi worlds and won match one via Guillotine and won match two via rear naked choke...Round 3 I lost by four points because of a mistake I made early in the round. After that I maintained top position and almost took his back and almost took mount BUT almost doesn't count, I...