Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Saturday 5th Nov 2011
before you no good, now you good but still no good hahaha

The vids from my last 2 fights

The first vid is from my fight against Komsorn about a month back. This was the fight that I was started to feel more relaxed allowing me to use more of the techniques I have been learning and look a little less scrappy.

This vid is from my most recent fight against Jumbo A, the fight I recieved my first set of Muay Thai stitches.

Everytime I fight now I am starting to deal with the nerves better and it is making me fight better and show some improvments. I am happy to see that with every fight I am looking less scrappy and more like a Thai fighter.

As a wise man once said to me (Lamsongkram) “before you no good, now you good but still no good” I take it that he means that I am slowly showing improvments but still have a long way to go :)

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