Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Friday 28th Oct 2011
Getting back into the swing of things

This week I have been taking it a bit easy. I got my stitches out on Monday and have been running and doing some weights.

The last few day I have been up running with Lamsongkram and Aled at 6.30am. Lamsongkram is training for his upcoming title defence in China in November and my next fight is on the 14th Nov.

Next week I will start to get fully back to training but just not kick to much with my right leg until mid week and the cut is healed more.

Busy weekend for the TMT fighters as have Claire Haigh looking to remain undefeated in her MMA career and continue to climb up the womens MMA rankings fighting. She is fighting in China against a Sanda Champ. Also fighting Internationally is TMT’s wrestling coach and TUF vetren JJ Ambrose who is fighting in Guam.

Good luck Guys :)

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