Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Tuesday 18th Oct 2011
Size Doesn’t Matter

Well so I found out the hard way last night.

Last night I was fighting Jumbo A at Patong Stadium. When I first seen him the first thing that I thought was well I have the reach advantage as I was head and shoulders taller than him. I had also been informed that he had very good leg kicks so I was trying my best to remember to check them. With having the big height advantage and knowing he was good with the leg kicks, I got a bit lazy with my gaurd thinking that he would not throw head kicks and I was wrong lol

He came out landing some good kicks to my rear leg and at first I was a bit slow to check them. Then when he had me thinking of the leg kicks BAM he hits me with a head kick waking me up a bit. He went back to the legs and I was doing a slightly better job of checking them until BAM another head kick but lucky I had my hands a little higher and took most of it on the glove.

After round one I was in the corner getting advise from Kru Don and Dorian Price and then noticed that I had split my shin open a little from one of the kicks I managed to check.

The plan for the second round was to press forward and closes the distance off my punches and try to enter into the clinch with punches and elbows. It worked well and prevented him from landing more kicks and allowed me to work some knees, which ending up getting me a 2nd round TKO.

After the fight went to see the stadium Doc to get stitched up, 3 stitches later and its all good.

Also fighting from Tiger was Brain and Aled. Brain was in yet another war against a crafty Thai but unfortunatly lost in the 4th round due to cuts. Aled was up against the Thai giant Chaiyo and won in the 4th with a nice body shot to the liver. I’ll not say what else went on in his fight, but it will be a fight nobody forgets anytime soon lol :)

Im going to use the time to work on my boxing and hit the gym and lift some weights

Thanks to all who came out in support

and remember

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER it’s how you use it อิอิ :)

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