Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Thursday 1st Dec 2011
Another night of fights

Well last night was another night of fights.

Me and TMT fighter Top were representing Tiger and also last night had a special fight with one of the Muay Thai greats Jomhod.

This was only my second fight at Bangla stadium and I was hoping for a better ending than the 1st when I ended up in hospital due to a low blow :(
I was keen to get the fight over with because last night I just was not feeling up for it. Think because I have my mum coming today was on my mind as I never wanted to turn up to the airport with stitches all over me lol Anyway I went out starting a fast pace and just going forward and was able to catch my Thai opponat early with a cross hook combo sending him to the canvas. TMT fighter Top was on next and was up against a taller long limbed Thai but put on a great exciting fight and won after a 5 round decision.

The main event of the night was Jomhod facing a Farang. Jomhod “King of the Ring” Kiatadisak is a Muay Thai legend with over 300 fights and he holds the most titles from around the world than any other Thai. It was a great fight with Jomhod showing some great technique and skill against a tough Farang who fought well and lasted the distance.

look like a nervous little boy next to the Legend Jomhod lol

All in all a good night and now a few days to relax when my mum arrives tonight. Will be the first time in over 2 and a half years I will have seen my mum so should be good.

Next and possibly my last Thai fight before going home will be on the 12th so will make sure it’s not Banyat and go out with a BANG :)

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