Written by Jamie Mackinnon, Tuesday 4th Oct 2011
Always learning :)

Here is the video from my 2nd fight with Banyat a few weeks back. I won by Tko in the first round but learned a lot from the fight.

I knocked him down and after the ref gave him the standing count I preesed forward all excited to finish but in the frenzy had my hands low walking into a sweet elbow. Lucky for me it never cut me but it did rock me and made me step back to get focused again and continue to look for the finish which I got :)

I have fought since this fight and am slowly getting more relaxed in the ring and looking a bit more like a fighter :) Will post video soon. Now training for the next one on the 16th Oct so hope things keep moving forward.

On another note I finally got myself back into MMA and it was good to shake off some of the rust. Picked up a nice wee black eye but was great to get in and train with Junie Browning, Tommy Yang and all the other great fighters training at Thailands best gym :)

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