Written by Jeremy Hassan, Saturday 28th Jan 2012
Support your local fighter

I remember the first time I went to the fighters ring. I went up to Phet and told him I wanted to have a muay thai fight befor i went back home and the next morning i stepped into the fighters area. Thats the first time i met Lamsongkram, probably the tallest thai person i’ve met. Lamsongkram likes to “test” all newcomers in the clinch and for me it was no diffrent. He threw me around like a ragdoll and basicly did whatever he felt like to do. It was no mercy the first time but after u pass the first time he calms down and take it to a more tolerable level. If u can tolerate abit of asswhopping the first few days he will put the time and effort in your training.

If u are at Tiger at the moment dont forget to give cheer on him as he have a fight on febuary 4th.
Chok dee!

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